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Dan the Man and his ‘Cannon’

Our Volunteers, Dan (AKA Santa Claus) and Julie (AKA Mrs Claus) have become a staple Wednesday and Thursday attraction for residents and staff alike. But even though we love his baritone voice and her homemade frocks it’s their ‘Cannon’ creation that is changing the way we bowl!

Dan came up with an invention that allows resident’s in princess chairs and wheelchairs to participate in our Benny Bowls Club on a Thursday. He was the one that had the harebrained idea to modify a piece of PVC pipe to create a launcher for those who could not bend. So off he and Jules went, the first stop, Finch’s Hardware in Elphinstone Street, to procure the right material. They were hoping the company might be kind enough to donate the materials, and on enquiring at the register Dan and Jules were informed by a lovely lady by the name of Morgan that she would like to personally pay for the PVC. It was a very kind gesture on her behalf, and we cannot thank her enough for her generosity. It was her donation that made the ‘Cannon’, which it has been aptly named, a reality.

Dan took a long PVC pipe, affixed it with handlebars for grip and it is now a constant feature in our Thursdays bowls competition. The ‘Cannon’ allows residents of all mobilities to join in a game that they otherwise would not have been able to participate in. Some of our most avid bowlers attribute their winning streaks to the luck of the ‘Cannon’.

Thank you, Dan and Jules, for your amazing invention and your kindness towards all ❤️


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