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New Milestone in Redevelopment

Benevolent Living has reached a new milestone in their $47M redevelopment project appointing the winning tender to Hutchinson Builders.

Hutchies was selected from four building companies who tendered for the project.

CEO Alison Moss expressed her excitement for the project, “this appointment is a key milestone in our redevelopment, Hutchies has a fantastic reputation within our local community, and we are very pleased with the partnership.”

Hutchies will take over a portion of the West St site on April 19 to begin the first stage of a two-stage redevelopment.

Stage 1 - Residential Care Building

“Stage one of the redevelopments will include the construction of a new Resident Care building including one-bedroom apartments for married couples, as well as the complete refurbishment of our current reception area and coffee shop,” says Ms Moss.

The second stage of construction will see the completion of a 5-storey building comprising of 40 Independent Living Apartments.

Stage 2 - Independent Living Apartment Building

The new community will see the creation of a unique Arts themed seniors living community that will provide a total health, wellness and living solution.

It will provide a continuum of care for residents from Independent Living through to Residential Care, as well as respite, dementia, high and palliative care.

“It was vitally important to our organisation to be a home for life for our residents, with the addition of Independent Living, no matter what stage of life people are in, they will be looked after here at Benevolent.”

The project will span over three years and will mean a significant investment in infrastructure for the region with the total project spend estimated at $47M.

Hutchies Project Manager, Nick Linnan, estimates that the project will secure 400 direct and in-direct FTE jobs in the region.

Hutchies Project Team with Benevolent Management

“Benevolent Living and Hutchies working together is a great partnership – two century old Queensland organisations delivering significant opportunity for the Rockhampton region.

We’ve got a big focus on supporting local businesses and workers on this project,” says Linnan.

Once complete the new community will increase the overall capacity of Benevolent Living to over 200 residents.


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