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At Benevolent Living we are creating vibrant connected communities where age is just a number. 

As one of Australia's oldest non-for-profit organisations, founded in 1866, Benevolent Living's mission has always been to provide care and support for those in our local community. Over 150 years later and our vision and purpose remain the same. 

Vision A vibrant connected community where age is just a number. 

Mission To inspire and enable people to live a happy life based on health, wellness, purpose and meaning. 



Integrity – acting ethically, justly and honestly

Honour – valuing and honouring all

Empathy – we will “walk the journey” with you

Inclusive – a community for everyone

Creativity – challenging ourselves to find the best solutions

Our Commitment 

At Benevolent Living we have an enviable reputation in the community and are seen as the trusted and preferred provider of aged care services in our region, which is proven by our unblemished Accreditation record. This esteem comes with a substantial responsibility to our community and our seniors. We are a community for all and in our Mission and Charter we have committed to maintaining a level of above 40% of residents who are without financial means.  

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Dorothy's Story

"I always used to mess around with a pen and pencil and I never really had a chance to do any art before I came here to Benevolent.


When I moved here, I decided to get some paints out and just have a go, you've got to put your mind to something or you'll go mad." 

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Give one of our friendly specialists a call today to talk about joining our Benevolent Living community. 

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