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At Benevolent Living we partner with you to deliver your care services to suit your individual needs and desires.  

Working with you and your family, we will develop a personalised Health and Wellness plan to cater to your individual needs. These plans are a living, breathing piece of work, it's nice to know if your care needs should change we will change with you. You will continue to receive exceptional care from professional clinicians, in familiar surroundings, with familiar faces. 

Personal Care Quensland

Personalised Care Services

Personal Care Queensland

Live Meaningfully 

Personal Care Queensland

Build Relationships

Resident Centred

Residents have lived full lives and have their own identities. We see our residents as people with unique life stories and we tailor our services to each residents needs, working to maintain their dignity, independence, choices and preferences. We are strong advocates for Residents Rights, including the right to take risk.

Social & Lifestyle

A social lifestyle model focuses on the continuation of a normal life and staying connected to families, friends and community. We strive to be a vibrant connected community where intergenerational activities are important and a normal part of life providing numerous benefits and learning opportunities for both young and old.

Health & Wellness

Our care will be evidence based and best practice. However, wellness has a broader context and is more than the absence of disease. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. We will encourage and promote healthy and active ageing and access to green space as ways to improve quality of life.

Meaning & Purpose

We inspire and encourage residents to retain their previous interests, hobbies, and connections. We focus on people’s strengths and what they can do as opposed to what they can’t do. Benevolent provide opportunities for residents to continue to strive, learn and set new goals. Spirituality is also integral too, but not confined by religion and faith. It is about what gives us a purpose to our lives and provides sources of meaning and hope.

Relationships & Partnerships

Great relationships between resident, family members and our staff are fundamental to achieving resident centred care. Our residents and their representatives are seen as partners in care and are assisted to actively contribute to the development and evaluation of both their care and services. Residents are kept informed and empowered, they have an active say in how our community operates.


Our community is for all people from all walks of life, races and backgrounds. We believe everybody should feel comfortable to be themselves and receive services that are culturally safe to them. We celebrate diversity and the strengths it brings to our community. We learn from people who have different experiences, beliefs and perspectives and it opens our minds.

Personal Care Queensland

Gail's Story

"I can't believe the difference we have seen in mum since she moved to Benevolent.


Gardening has always been a passion for mum and the care staff here at Benevolent have been so supportive of her to continue her love of being in the garden."

Our Philosophy &
Foundation Principles

Our philosophy of care is strongly aligned with our Vision, Mission and Values. We will inspire and enable people to live a happy life based on health and wellness, purpose and meaning by incorporated the following foundation principles: 

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