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Benevolent Living is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are elected from the local community or specialist of the Retirement and Aged Care sectors. Our Board is extremely well versed in the industry and ensures that all our residents, staff and supporters of Benevolent Living are focused on health, wellness, meaning and purpose while living, visiting and working at Benevolent Living. 


Kevin Hogan

Board Member

David Frost


Robert Sims 

Board Member

Dr Geoff Clark

Board Member

Tom Moore

Board Member

Paul Murphy

Board Member

Rod Green

Board Member

Leone Hinton

Our Senior Management Team 

Our Senior Management Team are experts in their field with a combined wealth of knowledge unparalleled in the industry. Benevolent Living has set a very ambitious growth strategy for 2019-2024 which will be supported and achieved by the strategic leadership from our dedicated managers. 


Chief Executive Officer

Alison Moss

Marketing & Communications Manager

Jamie Langdon

Health & Wellness Director

Helen Cleary

Customer Relations Officer

Helen Cooke

Operations Manager

Sue McLeod

Food Services Manager

Santiago De Flippo

Finance Manager

Terry Mills

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