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We are transforming aged care as you know it!

At Benevolent Living we saw a real opportunity to provide the Central Queensland community with something more than just a 'nursing home' or isolating, gated retirement village. We know that seniors prefer to age in their own communities surrounded by places that are familiar and close to family and friends. That is what we are creating at Benevolent Living, an engaging, connected, intergenerational community that brings together people from all ages and all walks of life.


We are empowering our residents and seniors of our community to live happy healthy lives thanks to their age, not despite it. 


Our Vision

A vibrant connected community where age is just a number

Check out what we are creating!

Our new seniors living community

Our new Benevolent Living community will be the first of its kind in Queensland, and will have a range of premium and affordable accommodation options including independent living with services, as well as communal, retail and allied health amenities. 

Building A

Building B

Building C

April 2021

Mid 2022

September 2023


Residential Care Building A

Residential Care Building A

  • Construction Beginning April 2021 to be completed by mid 2022

  • Stage 1 - New Reception and Cafe/Shop refurbishment expected to be complete by April 2022

  • Stage 2 - Residential Care 1 Bedroom Apartments and Suites expected to be complete by mid 2022 AND

  • New Multi-Purpose Space including training room for staff, community group meetings, and performance space for local artists 

Seniors Living Building B

Seniors Living Building B

  • Construction Beginning mid 2022

  • Stage 1 - Independent Living Apartments (2-3 Bedroom Apartments) and new state-of-the-art kitchen and laundry facilities complete late 2023

  • Stage 2 - New Administration Offices 

Building C

Building C

  • Stage 3 - Start date for construction is to be advised 

  • This stage will include Residential Care 1 Bedroom Suites

Building A
Building B
Building C

Enquire Now!

Give one of our friendly specialists a call today to talk about joining our Benevolent Living community. 

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