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Veronika Zeil

Veronika Zeil grew up in southern Germany immersed in nature and surrounded by artists. Emigrating to Australia in 1990 she initially studied science and participated in many field studies of native fauna and flora. Together with her husband Professor John Rolfe she operated a cattle station near Springsure from 1990 until 2006. She worked as graphic designer for 1800 Prints and as journalist for Central Queensland Rural Weekly. Passionate about art, Veronika has created paintings, drawings and sculptures for most of her life. Combining her interest in natural history, science and art she has created artworks for public and private sites illustrating Central Queensland landmarks and stories. Since 2008 Veronika has worked as full-time artist at her open studio near Rockhampton. Themes in her art concentrate around cultural values and their impacts on our treatment of the environment.

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