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Aged Care Direction 12

Directions have been updated on the 16th of October to allow aged care residents to go on excursions. Residents may now leave their residential aged care facility for a range of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • exercise

  • attending private family gatherings of up to 40 people (as long as physical distancing can be maintained)

  • receiving or accessing health care

  • attending a funeral

  • visiting a service provider (e.g. hairdressers, beauty therapists and legal advisors)

  • visiting another residential aged care facility

  • going on an external excursion with a group of residents (e.g. a day trip to the beach).

  • Residents who are part of a family group (e.g. couples or siblings) or close friends can leave the facility together.

Other updates for QLD include:

  • all of Queensland can gather in groups of up to 40 people in their homes and public spaces

  • up to 40 people can dance at any one time at a wedding with a COVID Safe Plan

  • dancing is permitted at Year 12 formals

Current border restrictions from 1 October 2020 continue:

  • the New South Wales border zone (PDF) was extended

  • the Queensland border zone no longer exists

  • Queensland residents are able to travel anywhere in the New South Wales border zone for any purpose

  • New South Wales border zone residents are able to travel anywhere in Queensland for any purpose.

Border closures to Victoria remain until community transmission is under control (including whether there have been any unlinked cases in the previous 28 days). A link to the current Aged Care Direction is available here.


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