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Aged Care Direction 19

Queensland Aged Care Direction #19 in effect from 6pm 11 January 2021.

The Greater Brisbane LGAs continue to remain restricted areas. There is also no end date to the restrictions but Qld Health have advised they will continue to monitor the situation up to January 22nd.

The following guidance information is attached.

The main changes include:

  • Anyone who has been in Greater Brisbane on or after 2 January 2021, unless 14 days have passed since the person left Greater Brisbane, is restricted from entering a residential aged care facility in Queensland.

  • Despite these restrictions, you may enter a residential aged care facility if you wear a single use surgical face mask and are an employee, contractor, or student of the facility.

  • Anyone providing medical care (including staff, volunteers or family members) must wear appropriate PPE as outlined in Queensland Health’s Residential Aged Care facility and Disability Accommodation PPE Guidance

  • It is recommended that residential aged care facilities try to limit staff working across multiple care facilities wherever possible.

For the full Direction please follow the link below.


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