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Benevolent Living Transforming Aged Care in Central Queensland

Benevolent Living is bucking all trends in the regions and providing unparalleled residential accommodation and care service.

The 157-year-old organisation has been a steadfast member of the Rockhampton community for nearly as long as the town has been lining the banks of the Tunuba River.

Benevolent Living is an aged care provider who employees 180 staff across all designations including, clinical, care, catering, cleaning, administration, lifestyle, and the arts. This team of aged care experts care for a total of 138 residents on their West St campus.

“We are proud of the remarkable team we have here at Benevolent Living, including our exceptional clinical team which is lead by our Health and Wellness Manager. In fact, we have had 24/7 registered nurses for nearly a decade, much longer than the Government requirement that has only been introduced this month,” says CEO Alison Moss.

Alison Moss, CEO.

“We believe in providing quality care and services and have now passed through the 15% pay increase to our clinical and care staff, which has put our hourly rates for registered nurses on par with Queensland Health, and with our generous salary packaging options, our registered nurses are some of the best paid RNs in aged care,” says Ms Moss.

Benevolent Living are now also diversifying their product and accommodation option with the construction of Rockhampton’s first vertical retirement village, Benevolent on West.

This 47 million project has created numerous jobs for the region and will soon provide accommodation and in the home care and services for up to 60 new residents.

Benevolent on West, Artist Impression

“At Benevolent Living we wanted to provide a home for life for our residents, from retirement living where you can access support services directly into your apartment, to our residential care accommodation we have an option for all stages of life for seniors.”

“We also ensure that people from all walks of life can access care with us onsite by reserving 40% of our aged care placements for people from lower socio-economic means,” says Ms Moss.

However, care is just one element of the many unique offerings at Benevolent Living. With an onsite Art Gallery, School of Arts, Gym, and numerous other amenities, the team are focussed on providing a holistic offering to residents and the community that centres on health and wellness.

“We are breaking down the traditional barriers of aged care by welcoming the community onsite in ways not seen before, through our art gallery, intergenerational activities, and even café, we are hoping to become a hub for likeminded individuals of Central Queensland to come together to create, learn and engage.”

Media Contact: Jamie Langdon, Marketing and Communications Manager.

(07) 4837 0300


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