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Creative Ageing

Creative Ageing is based on the premise that seniors on their ageing journey are still individuals that want to continue to grow, learn and contribute to their communities.

Evidence demonstrates the powerful impact that the arts have on the health and wellbeing for seniors. Often enhancing quality of life for people seeking to remain fit and active as they age and also for people with a chronic condition such as depression or dementia.

Health benefits through arts activities, such as dancing and singing, include improved mobility and motor control, improved heart and respiratory function, greater self-esteem and confidence, less reliance on medication and personal care, higher social engagement and beneficial effects on mental health.

Research has shown that engagement in the creative arts not only increases our emotional wellbeing and social connectedness, it actually changes the structure and function of the brain. It also provides a sense of purpose and meaning in seniors days as well as giving them the opportunity to connect with their neighbours and people outside of the community.

At Benevolent Living we want to inspire seniors to remain active, develop new skills and hobbies as well as form connections through their passions. We place great importance on ensuring your mental health and wellbeing is as important as your physical health and wellness. Our arts theme is evident in our Social Lifestyle Program, there are multiple activities that you can be a part of at Benevolent Living to unearth that creative flare. Maybe you loved to paint when you were younger, or you are just looking to learn a new skill. Whatever it maybe we have a creative activity for you.


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