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Customer Service Awards

Our team here at Benevolent Living are some of the most dedicated, compassionate and hardworking people (we may be biased, but we think its true)! That is why the Executive Committee decided to highlight a staff member from each House for the exceptional customer service they provide, day in and day out.

Residents and families voted for who they would like to acknowledge for their hard work. Common themes between residents and families were:

  • Staff commitment to residents. Some staff are here an hour before their shift begins to spend extra time with residents.

  • Staff listening and doing what they say they will.

  • Staff always having a smile on their face and even if the resident felt down that day, their presence always made them feel better.

Every staff member should be extremely proud of all the work they do,and we wish we could give everyone an award.

Congratulations to our first inaugural winners:

Karen Bailey - Level 1

Irene Butler – Jack Fleming

Cheryl Joyce – Mardy McKean

Carol Richter - Jim McRae

Jennifer Proefke - Level 2

Donna Stone - Bill Power


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