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Family Information COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Helen Cleary our clinical lead is working closely with our local Public Health Network Unit to ensure we are ready for the vaccination program when it reaches Rockhampton.

At this stage the local Public Health has not been advised of expected rollout dates – we will update as soon as we know. We have been told to be ready to go as soon as they have the vaccines ready in Rockhampton. We will continue to provide information as it becomes available. Vaccinations will take place at Benevolent either in resident rooms or in a designated vaccination area.

It is strongly recommended that residents receive the vaccine, however, it is not mandatory. If there are questions, please ask Helen Cleary she is happy to discuss your loved one’s options with you.

To ensure residents who want the COVID-19 vaccination are ready when the vaccinators on are onsite we require every resident with their family representative to complete the COVID-19 Consent Form linked below. Consent forms will need to be completed and returned to Benevolent ASAP.

We ask that all families speak with their loved ones and complete the form as soon as possible and return it to our Medical Clerk in reception. If your loved one does not want the vaccination can you please email or call Helen Cooke so we can track this as well.

Phone: (07) 4837 0323

Residents will be able to change their mind right up until the time of vaccination, so even if you fill in a consent form and change your mind you will not have to proceed with the vaccination.

It has been recommended from Public Health that there is a 14-day period between receiving the COVD vaccination and the flu vaccination.

*please only fill in page 3.


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