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Flu Vaccinations

As per Federal Government regulations, as of May 1st 2020 every person entering an aged care community must have received their Influenza Vaccination, unless they have a medical reason as to why they cannot receive the vaccine.

To ensure we are complying with this new Government regulation we must ask you to provide an immunisation statement/certificate to be able to visit your loved one after May 1.

We are asking all family members and visitors to please supply an immunisation statement/certificate from your GP or Immunisation Nurse by the 30th of April.

Please ensure the Certificate includes:

  • Immunisation Date

  • Immunisation Drug administered

  • Immunisation Drug Batch Number

Alternatively, if you cannot receive the flu shot for a medical reason please ask your GP to fill out the Immunisation Exception Form -

If you have already provided your immunisation record or medical certificate, we thank you for your cooperation.

We understand that there is increased demand for the Flu Vaccine at the present time but ask you endeavour to get the shot within two weeks of the close off (15th of May at the latest).

Our Administration team must keep a copy of all vaccine statements on an internal register to prove that all our staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors have complied with this regulation. If you do not provide an immunisation certificate or relevant medical certificate, we will have to ask you not to come onsite until you have had the flu shot.

Please email your certificate to OR place it in the letter box outside of Reception, OR post to Quality at 60 West St, R’ton, Q 4700.

Please reach out to the Benevolent Team if you have any questions regarding this new Government Regulation.


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