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Hylton's Story

“In the year 1963, we as a family moved from Brisbane to the fair city of Rockhampton. There was my wife and myself and our two lovely little daughters aged 4 and ½ years and 14 months respectfully. We soon settled in and found work. As was our custom we became involved in church activities and enjoyed our new environment.

We also became involved in visiting the Benevolent Home each Sunday afternoon and conducted a church service with residents who chose to come along. The oldies fussed over our little girls who lapped up the attention. I sometimes thought that the girls enjoyed talking to the residents and vice-versa rather than listening to the preacher.”

Hylton has his own garden here at Benevolent which he loves taking care of and tending every day in between rests and chatting with fellow residents.

His love for gardening started from his wife who would take care of their garden when they were younger. He must be a natural at it, as the staff and residents absolutely love Hylton’s garden!

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