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Jean's Story

Jean Shannon joined us as a resident a couple of months ago and has found the transition easier through her passion for gardening.

“It’s very friendly and nice here, I couldn’t ask for much better. The amount of friends I’ve made in such a short time is astounding. Everyone is so welcoming,” Jean said.

Jean admits the transition of leaving your home and moving into an aged care facility took quite a while to get used to however she said Benevolent made that process easy for her.

“It’s difficult to move out of your home, it’s all you know. But, they have wonderful facilities and staff here which make you feel comfortable and at ease.

“I also love the activities they have on offer here, and I try and include myself in most of them. It’s a great way to pass the time.”

But for Jean, the best part about Benevolent is her own personal garden outside her room.

“I love my little garden.

“It was actually there when I moved in, so I asked the staff members if I could plant some flowers in it, and they encouraged me to do it!”

Jean has always had a passion for gardening, plants and being outdoors. After many years spent on the land, Jean said you quickly adjust to that lifestyle.

Her and her husband were the very proud owners of a property at Thelma, located near Ridgelands.

They had a few young cattle on the property and harvested a few different crops which she said kept them busy.

“The property was about 500 acres, and was a great little farm to raise the kids on.”

Aside from the property work, Jean said she always made time to sit and ponder in her garden that surrounded the house yard.

“I’ve always had a garden in whatever home I’ve lived in. I just love the extra beauty a nice garden adds to a home.”

With such a passion for gardening, it is great that Jean has been able to continue her love for gardening here at Benevolent. This is something we really encourage for all of residents.

“My garden has given me something to do to fill in a bit of spare time.”

Jean’s garden is filled with many beautiful plants such as, petunias, seedlings, and much more.

“Most of the plants I have are planted in pots, but I do love my little flowers that grow here and there.”

Jean loves to venture out into her garden everyday, and just sit and admire the view. She has a couple of beautiful chairs nestled among the pots where she can sit either by herself or with some friends when they come to visit.

“I love to just sit and look at the beautiful plants I’ve grown. My garden is also right next to the main road so I enjoy watching the cars drive by.”

Apart from gardening, Jean also loves arts and crafts and says the arts and crafts activities on offer at Benevolent are a great way for her to unleash her creativity and socialise with all the other residents. Jeans says she tries to get to most of the activities so she can catch up with her friends.

Jean’s garden will continue to make us smile, and inspire us here at Benevolent to appreciate the little things in life.

Next time you are over at Bill Power, be sure to stop in and check out Jean’s garden, we are sure she would love to share it with you all.


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