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Resident Outings

The updated public health direction permits aged care residents to leave their homes for specific reasons such as exercise, health appointments, and family gatherings of up to 20 people. If you are going offsite with a loved one, please complete an Outing Assessment Form prior to your outing and the Resident Log before you leave and when you return including taking your loved ones temperature.

Resident can leave the facility to:

· Receive end of life or palliative care,

· Receive or access health care,

· Attend small family gatherings (up to 20 people including the resident),

· Undertake exercise, or

· Attend a funeral

Residents cannot:

· Go on group excursion with other residents,

· Go shopping or to other public places

· Visit a café or restaurant

Outing Assessment Forms

When going out you or a family member/representative will need to tell Benevolent the location of the outing, the number of people involved and the date. We have provided Assessment Forms in front reception next to the Resident Log and Visitors Log for you to complete before you leave with your loved one, ideally 24 hours before you leave for your outing. You can also download the form below. After you have completed the form it must be signed off: Monday-Friday see either Helen Cleary, Sue McLeod or Jamie Langdon to have the form signed off, outside of these hours and on weekend please ask a staff member to direct you to the RN on duty.

HW-12-02 COVID-19 Outing Form
Download PDF • 139KB

Please complete the form in advance and hand it to reception to ensure it is done before your outing. If you have a regular outing you will only need to complete the Assessment Form once, although if any situation changes please contact Benevolent and update us, e.g. of an update could be a change in the number of people present. Please ensure you are still completing the residents log before you leave and when you return. This is a Public Health Directive and there are penalties for those who are not following the Government’s guidelines. These guidelines are in place for your safety, the safety of your loved ones and your neighbours. Please talk with Management if you have any questions or concerns regarding these new directions. We understand that this is unprecedented times and want to ensure the health and safety of all who live, work and visit Benevolent. Thank you for your cooperation.


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