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Silhouettes by Isabel Koger

Shapes and rhythms, line and form: Silhouettes by Isabel Koger is an exploration of objects in their most raw and honest state.

Isabel's artworks are a great example of how visual artists use the basic elements of art: line, shape, form, colour, space, texture and value.

By stripping away unnecessary information and focusing solely on the contour of each piece, a heightened contrast between background and subject is intentionally fostered.

As a result, these intricately drawn objects bounce and jostle off their bold backgrounds, forming a striking first impression. Conversely, it is only through a closer, more intimate investigation that the subjects' inner workings and true "personalities" are revealed.

By targeting both positive and negative space, a double viewpoint is created: either a strong statement employing abstract shapes or a detailed articulation of a studied still life, the viewer is free to determine their own stance, however they wish to approach these artworks.

Through carefully considered composition and purposeful placement, Isabel's intention is to create an active relationship between both object and background. A relationship that creates a dynamic harmony and openly invites both personal interpretation and individual ownership.

Silhouettes will be on display in

Benevolent Living's Long Gallery until the 6th of August.

Open daily between 9am-4pm.


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