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Food Services Manager 

We are very excited to welcome Gilles, who has joined the Benevolent Living team as our new Food Services Manager.


Gilles is a French chef who has been working with food since 1979. Most recently Gilles has been working at another aged care provider but has joined our Benevolent team to take on a new challenge.


His goal at Benevolent is to provide the best dining experience we can offer by making the meals look appetising, high in nutrients and most importantly taste amazing.

Over the next few months Gilles and his team will be working closely together to bring a new burst of flavour to our community's menu. All residents are invited along of this culinary journey and Gilles will be talking, testing and creating the menu with their help the entire way through.


We are very excited to have Gilles on board to reinvigorate our menu with his French flare, if you see him around in his Chef’s attire be sure to say bonjour! 

Gilles Bouruignon

Gilles Chef.jpg
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