Food Services Manager 

We are very excited to welcome Santiago, who has joined the Benevolent Living team as our new Food Services Manager.


Santiago and his family moved from Argentina four years ago. He has worked as the Head Chef at the Waterline Restaurant Rosslyn Bay during his time in Central QLD and is now eager to take on a new and exciting challenge here at Benevolent Living. 


His South American heritage plays a big role in his cooking style and the flavours he uses, keep an eye out on the menu for a few additions that pay homage to Santi’s background. Although Santi loves the South American flavours his favourite foods to both cook and eat is Spanish and Italian, which he also hopes to bring to the menu.


Over the next few months Santi and his team will be working closely together to bring a new burst of flavour to our community's menu. All residents are invited along of this culinary journey and Santi will be talking, testing and creating the menu with their help the entire way through.


We are very excited to have Santiago on board to reinvigorate our menu with his Argentinian flare, if you see him around in his Chef’s attire be sure to say hello!

Santiago De Flippo