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Benevolent Living is committed to creating an integrated, intergenerational community centred around our core arts theme. We will develop Central Queensland’s first assisted living village offering a complete health, wellness, and accommodation solution for seniors. Our new development will see us grow and activate our provisional bed licenses and also diversify our revenue streams by establishing a medium density co-located assisted living village and user pay services. Our residents will benefit from a home for life, where they can age on site in an active community with the support of friends and family. Calling Benevolent Living home will mean you can choose from a range of accommodation, care and service options tailored to suit your individual needs, budgets and lifestyle preference.

Benevolent Living is committed to achieving the following four strategic initiatives by 2024:


Enhance our Service Design

Our new Model of Care will diversify our revenue streams and guide the development of our service models in a financial and sustainable way. 


  • Hybrid Model of Care designed and implemented 

  • Enhance current service design for new development 

  • Diversify our revenue streams by introducing 'Assisted Living' to the community 

  • Introduce additional services to both residential care and assisted living


Raise Our People in the Community

Benevolent Living will raise and enhance its profile in the community. We will be widely known, aspirational, attract new residents, staff, volunteers and local partners. 


  • Enhance our staff skill mix

  • Facilitate a number of partnerships with local businesses and organisations 

  • Sales targets met or exceeded 

  • Occupancy rates met or exceeded


Expand and Enhance our Infrastructure 

Our continued improvement of our building infrastructure will support our Vision, Mission and Model of Care and individual service model streams. 


  • Progress in our Masterplan Project 

  • Construction and Commission of Buildings A, B & C

  • Assisted Living units pre-sold 

  • Introduction of new IT systems 


Develop Leaders and Grow our Team

We recognise our competitive advantage comes from good governance and our skilled team. We will invest in the development of our people, leaders, emerging leaders, the board and volunteers to ensure we have the right skills, knowledge and culture. 


  • Enhance our staff skill mix across all designations 

  • Increase staff satisfaction and employee recognition 

  • Continue our exceptional Accreditation record 

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