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Aged Care Direction 10

Aged Care Direction 10 has come into effect on the 11th of September which makes some changes to the current direction.

What has changed from 11 September 2020

  • New requirements for all residential aged care facility operators to:

  • notify their local Health Emergency Operations Centre in the event of a critical workforce shortage for notification purposes

  • take reasonable steps to develop and document appropriate processes to ensure residents and their unique needs can be immediately identified in a COVID-19 event.

  • Clarify personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, including that appropriate PPE should be worn in accordance with Queensland Health’s Residential Aged Care Facility and Disability Accommodation PPE Guidance (PDF)

  • Clarify that students may enter a residential aged care facility to undertake a placement

  • Clarify that residential aged care facility operators in a restricted area may grant permission to people to enter the facility to provide continuity of care for a resident that cannot be delivered by electronic or non-contact means, for example support from a primary care giver to eat meals

  • Clarify that the Direction applies to residential aged care facilities funded under the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program.

What will change from 8:00 am 1 October 2020

  • New requirements for residential aged care facility operators to:

  • include information in their Workforce Management Plan about how workforce surge requirements will be met if there is a COVID-19 event at the facility

  • take reasonable steps to ensure employees, contractors who have contact with residents, volunteers and students undergo face to face infection control and PPE training

  • take reasonable steps to ensure they have an adequate supply of PPE available to respond to a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the facility.

What is Benevolent Living doing

  • Outbreak Management Team has complied a detailed strategy to be enacted in the case of an outbreak within the facility,

  • Ordering of extra PPE and a detailed guide on the provision of PPE stocks in an outbreak,

  • Completion of the Workforce Plan including interim measures if there are critical staff shortages,

  • Continual staff recruitment for all essential roles,

  • Further training for all staff, volunteers, students and contractors including the face to face infection control, the proper use of PPE and our COVID-19 Action Plan Strategy.

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